Hello there and Welcome! My name is Alicia.


I am a studio owner and business coach for performing arts, yoga, and fitness studio owners.

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My big mission is to help studio owners to get you MORE of what we all want - more time with loved ones, more confidence, more income, and less stress!  

Think it isn’t possible? Let me tell you…You CAN run a heart-centered studio that is consistently growing, profitable, and doesn’t require the 24/7 hustle!

I want to help you get clear on your ideal LIFE so that we can build a STUDIO that supports that. Whether you are new to studio ownership, or have been at it awhile, I want to help you create a business and a life that:

  • Energizes you, makes you feel fulfilled, and leaves you excited to step into your studio to impact the lives of others every single day

  • Provides financial freedom and stability so you can care for your staff and your family, plan for your future, and donate to causes that are important to you

  • Allows you the time away from your studio (and your phone) to take care of yourself and spend making memories with your loved ones

  • AND that’s just the beginning!

So what if I could show you how to shape your studio to work for YOU (instead of the other way around) so you can wake up every day with extreme clarity, key business-building structures, and the right focus to make your dreams a reality?

If this is calling you, you’re in the right place!

It is my honor to help you build a studio business and a life on your own terms, so that you can be fulfilled, and in turn, fulfill others.


Alicia Jonas