How to Maximize Your Social Media Posts to Turbo Charge Your Reach

I'm sure you agree that social media is a crucial part of keeping your studio visible and continually growing. But if you're like me, you already have a full plate, and social media is just another thing on the ever growing to-do list. (And let's be real - it's kind of a pain!)

Here are the biggest challenges I see with social media:

1) Right now only a tiny percentage of your followers are actually seeing your posts (unless you pay to boost them or turn them into ads.) All that time and effort for a very small number of views can be so frustrating.

2) There are so many different platforms that it can be overwhelming to keep active on each, let alone create unique post content. Deciding where to post, what to post, and how often to get the most reactions and reach can make your head spin.

3) Social media posts are "one and done". Unless you have a strategy for repurposing your posts, they essentially are never seen again.

I did a quick LIVE stream to talk about repurposing your social posts across FB and Insta so you can get more bang for your buck and combat some of the overwhelm.

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