Here’s to the Great “Dance Moms”

My mom was an amazing dance mom. She also happened to be the best sports mom, band mom, and really just the best mom in general.  (And my dad was a pretty great dance dad, too.)  To me, that was just normal.  

I never really thought about how her actions or behaviors could have been completely the opposite and created an entirely different experience for me growing up.  But now as a studio owner, teacher, and parent, I appreciate her example even more. Hopefully, you are lucky enough to have some great dance moms just like her in your studio.

  • She avoided the drama.  She felt it served no purpose and was detrimental to the team atmosphere.
  • She trusted the teachers.  Whether is was their assessment of my skills, classroom instruction, casting, choreography, competitions, performances, and costume choices, she trusted that they were acting in my best interest.
  • She was always on top of my schedule and communicated any potential conflicts to the studio director as early as possible.
  • She never talked negatively about the teachers, other parents, or dancers.
  • She realized that our performance company lived or died as a team.  She never blamed one or two dancers for our poor scores at competition, and conversely, she never gave credit to a single dancer for our high scores.
  • She understood that judging is subjective.
  • She helped me organize and pack all of my costumes, makeup, hair accessories, and ‘just-in-case’ emergency gear.  I was prepared for anything.
  • She reinforced that competition and results are not the most important thing. Dance is artistry, teamwork, and building life skills.  But we’re not saving lives!

If you have some great dance moms, show them your appreciation!