Are you ready to take your studio to the next level?  Get started now. These trainings are small but the content is big and with super-actionable steps you will be able to implement instantly.  The best part is it will be in your inbox quicker than you can say 'step-ball-change'.  


Effortless Hiring Masterclass

Is hiring super frustrating and costing you a ton of time and energy?

Are you burnt out and aggravated searching for that perfect new hire?  Are you spending hours of time you don’t have, weeding through applications, playing annoying phone and email tag, and after all that STILL interviewing candidates that aren't a good match? 

In this 75 minute training and accompanying workbook, I walk you through my exact semi-automated hiring system so you can:

  • Compose your PERFECT job description so that only the most aligned candidates want to work for you

  • Know EXACTLY where to post your job opening so it attracts a flood of dream applicants

  • Utilize my biggest strategy that EFFORTLESSLY and IMMEDIATELY helps you discern who isn't the right fit before any interviews

  • Be prepared with great interview questions at all times to help pinpoint your PERFECT team member

  • Feel more CONFIDENT in hiring and interviewing using a consistent process that sets a professional tone for your business

  • Save HOURS of time sorting resumes, sending emails, and scheduling interviews (and your applicants will never know!)

Elevate Your FB Ads Workshop

Are you frustrated that everyone is talking about the power of FB ads and how it has grown their school, but you haven't been able to achieve those same results? 

In this 2 hour workshop, I share my EXACT strategies for improving your FB ad performance, even if you're not "tech-savvy".

We'll be diving into:

  • New, simple FB ad strategies to cut through the noise and make your ad stand out

  • Pinpointing the perfect audience for your area, no matter how small or saturated your market

  • Simple ad testing strategies so you can target your most responsive audiences

  • How to create custom audiences and use “retargeting" to reach your most interested audience and get them to take action

  • FB pixels - a basic introduction to the "what" and "why"


Preschool Success Mini-Course

With the Preschool Success Mini-Course, you get everything you need to start taking your teaching skills to the next level and creating a classroom atmosphere families love.  This condensed training is based on the principles of our own Magnificent Movement™ early childhood teaching method, focused on effective lesson plan creation and fostering a positive classroom environment.  

I'll show you how to transform your preschool classes by...

  • Using the 5 essential class building blocks to create your most enchanting classes, regardless of the curriculum

  • Perfecting your planning process so that your classes are consistently keeping students interested and learning

  • Creating a safe, nurturing environment that builds unbreakable trust and loyalty among your students

  • Honing your classroom management skills so you can be an effective but nurturing leader


You'll receive:

  • 12 weeks of DONE-FOR-YOU lessons and visuals guaranteed to save you at least one hour a week AND have your kids excited for more! (At $97, that's less than $9 a week!) 

  • 3 video training modules to walk you through the WHY behind the lessons and teaching methods so that you are super clear and confident!

  • Preschool Class Tip Sheet with our BEST, TRIED AND TRUE tips for creating a memorable dance experience.

  • Magnificent Movement™ creator Susan Bennett's e-book Becoming a Magnificent Dance Studio, where she walks you through how to establish a JOYFUL, CREATIVE and POSITIVE classroom.

  • 10 Dance Class Enrollment Boosters Checklist to help you GROW YOUR PROGRAMS and your income.