Podcast Ep 12...3 Things to Examine if You Want to Get Your Next 10 (or more) Students

Welcome to another episode of the Dance Studio Amplified podcast! This is a replay of a recent Livestream that I hosted titled 3 Things to Examine if You Want to Get Your Next 10 (or more) Students.

If you want to attract ideal customers, listen to this episode so you can get clear on your messaging (who you are, who you serve, what you’re about) and stay consistent in delivering:

  • Spread the word without needing paid marketing --- on your website, social media, in emails.

  • Evaluate how your messaging is coming across to families, then get clear and strategic in your inquiry and enrollment process.

  • Consist messaging and delivery will be the secret to success.

  • If you don’t have time to keep up with emails and social media, ask for help! Even organizing takeover days from staff members or students will be beneficial to staying consistent in your messaging.

Recap: If you're looking to get your next 10 or more students - think about messaging, optimize your inquiry and enrollment process, be consistent. And if you need more help - I hope you will consider joining me inside Studio Accelerator program. (Doors are technically closed but if you want to squeeze in, contact customercare@theconfidentdancestudio.com.)

To learn more about Studio Accelerator Live, visit bit.ly/studioacclive

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