Podcast Ep 7...How to Know if You Should Monetize Your Expertise with a Second Business

Today I’m super excited to share with you some helpful advice and things to consider for those of you have thought about taking your expertise online, or maybe have already done so and are wondering if it was the right decision. So if you are already an online business owner, or you’re looking to start a second venture and you want to know if you could monetize your expertise in the online world, this is for you!

“Start sooner rather than later…” at minute 5:33, I talk about things you need to start an online business and on how easily you could start building your brand and your business. I’ll share why now is THE best time to start an online business.

“It can carry you a long way through those tough moments and the challenges…” at 12:15, I share some of the most effective ways for you to know when and why you should start monetizing your expertise, and the one thing you need to have from the start to make it successful. 

“I really love engaging with studio owners face to face…” 15:52 at minute , I talk about all the different ways you can monetize your expertise, and some of the most effective ways to package your knowledge to impact people, have greater personal fulfillment, and also make money. 

I hope these tips I shared with you inspired you and gave you some helpful ideas on how you could monetise your expertise and grow a second business online or otherwise. If you’re interested to have more of these or in depth coaching, getting some mentorship and joining a tribe of other female entrepreneurs, I would love for you to join my Amplify Mastermind Online Track. 

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