Podcast Ep 11...How to Drive More Students & Cash into Your School (BONUS EPISODE)

Welcome to a bonus episode of the Dance Studio Amplified podcast! This is a replay of a recent LIVE masterclass that I hosted titled How to Drive More Students & Cash into Your School.

If you aren’t growing your enrollment at the rate you desire, or aren’t make the amount of money you desire, you’re going to want to keep listening because in this masterclass I share:

  • The TOP 4 REASONS you're not growing (warning: #truthbomb) and how to take action to reverse the cycle

  • How to STREAMLINE your sales process to easily attract and enroll more students while saving you 10+ hours a week - so you can focus on what you do best (running your studio!)

  • AND My EXACT 3 step framework that will have interested peeps pouring into your biz and the secret to effortlessly turning them into paying customers - without the icky sales tactics

To learn more about Studio Accelerator live, visit bit.ly/studioacclive

Visit  theconfidentdancestudio.com to join the conversation, find free resources to grow your studio, and learn more about me and my programs.

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