Podcast Ep 8...Building an Effective Team with Anna Oakes Part 1

In this episode of the Dance Studio Amplified, TedX speaker, coach, and leadership consultant Anna Oakes shares how her past experiences in the corporate world shaped her career path and helped her land where she is today, helping organizations, teams and leaders in achieving high performance. Get ready to learn actionable steps to cultivate better relationships with your staff, ways to prevent employee disengagement, and be inspired to uplevel your leadership skills for the first of 2 jam-packed episodes! 

“I know that nobody’s journey is sort of that straight up…” at minute 3:33, Anna shares her career journey, lessons that she learned on her 25-years in the corporate world prior to becoming an entrepreneur. She also shared why we shouldn’t be afraid to explore our own curiosity, as well as encourage our staff members to do the same. 

“The more you strengthen those ropes, the more engaged, the more high-performing your employees are going to be…” at 12:58 Anna talked about the importance of building connections between leaders and their people on a deeper level, to build that trust and strengthen your relationship. She also shared how focusing on growing those connections will help each team member to be happier and more productive, as well retain them as team members long term.  

“Be who you are and be the best version of you…” at minute 25:03 Anna shared the keys to building an effective team. She also shared how you can leverage your leadership skills to help not only your people but yourself become the best version of you.

To be continued… Check out the next episode, which is part 2 of my interview with Anna Oakes as we dig deeper into her experiences, lessons and advice to become a better leader. Stay tuned!

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To access Anna’s free TedX Leader Guide, you can click the link here: http://anna-oakes.mykajabi.com/tedxmu-leaders-guide

And if you want to see more of Anna and what she does, visit her website here: http://www.buildhighperformingteams.com

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