Podcast Ep 9...Building an Effective Team with Anna Oakes Part 2

I know you were left hanging by our previous episode - part 1 of my conversation with TedX speaker, coach, and leadership consultant Anna Oakes! Our conversation focused on leadership, building an engaged team, and becoming an authentic leader continues in this episode...  Enjoy!

“People don’t need jobs, they need leaders…” at minute 5:54 Anna shared some of her best tips for leaders, entrepreneurs, and studio owners, on how to be an effective leader when someone from your team who is not fully engaged. 

“You can own your career…” at 10:32, Anna talked about her experience when she had the chance to talk at TEDx Talk. So she talked about how people whether they are employees, business owners, leaders, etc, that they should start practicing the skills that they have and make an impact on who they are and also taking advantage and ownership of the effort that they are making and the results that they’re getting.

“When am I at my best…” at minute 20:55, Anna shared with me how she balances her life as an entrepreneur/leader and a mom, how remembering her “big rocks” helps her keep her main priorities at the forefront, and on learning to let go of less important things. 

As we wrap things up, Anna shared her free TedX Leader Guide that she has created to help fellow entrepreneurs or leaders out there to become effective leaders to their teams so they can bring out the best in their people.

I hope Anna’s story inspired you, and I hope you got a lot of helpful tips not only to become an effective leader but also to encourage your team to become more engaged and connected to your studio and their roles within it.

To access Anna’s free TedX Leader Guide, you can click the link here: http://anna-oakes.mykajabi.com/tedxmu-leaders-guide

And if you want to see more of Anna and what she does, visit her website here: 


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