Podcast Ep 6...Creating a Business Around Your Purpose with Katrena Cohea

Welcome back to another episode of the Dance Studio Amplified podcast! For this episode, my guest is Katrena Cohea of Different Drummer Dance. Different Drummer Dance is a unique business where dance education meets self discovery, with a dash of woo and healthy sprinkle of body positivity. And today, Katrena will talk to us about her mission to teach dance from the inside out, how she focuses on her mindset, and how she can help you maintain a positive environment for your students.

“I have always had a dream of opening a studio…” at minute 4:47, Katrena shared with me how she started her dance studio inside her home after a move from California to a small town in New York. She reflected on her past experiences and how she came into a realization that body positivity plays a big role in running a dance studio because of those experiences that she had herself, she knew how it could have a negative effect on someone’s life. She shared with me how this realization turned into an online course to help dance teachers and studio owners minimize the negativity and focus on positivity for a healthier environment in and out of the studio.

“It’s not a static position…” At 18:24, Katrena mentioned about all the different things that she's been doing aside from being a dance studio owner, so I asked her how she maintains balance both work and life and she talked to me about how it changes constantly depending on what will work best for her current situation. She shared with me that for her, balance is how she renegotiated about her needs that will depend on her goal, and the needs of her family. 

“I noticed such a huge difference in myself...” At minute 22:28, Katrena shared with me how she kept herself in the positive side of life. She shared with me her daily rituals that helped her become a successful entrepreneur and how they made such a huge difference in her life and helped her became a better version of herself.

“It opened up a new way of thinking…” At 31:07, Katrena talks about her biggest turning point so far in her business. She talked about how she faced her fear and shared the biggest lessons she learned during the process.

“When someone is pointing their finger at you, there’s still three fingers pointing back at them…” At minute 33:31, Katrena shared the best advice that she received and how it helped her get tuned back to compassion and keep a healthy perspective about boundaries and dealing with customers.

If you want to see more of Katrena, you can visit her Peace Pathfinder program on her website here http://www.differentdrummerdance.com/, and follow her on Instagram @diffdrumdance.

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