Developing Consistency to Compound Success with Melissa Huber

Welcome to Dance Studio Amplified Podcast! I’m super excited for today’s episode because Melissa Huber is joining us and she’s going to be sharing not only her journey as an entrepreneur, but she will also share her life lessons that helped her that will surely help you with your business as well!

Melissa is the owner of The Dancing House, and creator of TDH Virtual Dance on Demand, an online platform where adult students can learn the art of dance from the comfort of their home.

Our journeys are never straight and narrow. They’re always windy, curvy, and up-and-downy…” at minute 1:47, Melissa shares how a life change caused her to dive full force into making The Dancing House a thriving business. She also talked about how using what she had available to her to interact with more people and grow her business.

“I’m always trying to grow…” at 9:04, we talk through how Melissa transformed as a person as she learned to get out of her comfort zone as she expanded her business. She talks about how she learned to embrace the changes in her life and business and her “no regrets” philosophy. 

“It’s not easier, it’s just different…” at minute 16:30, I asked Melissa how she handled balance in her life - being a single mom and an entrepreneur. And she talked about her unique situation and how she was able to figure out the best way to balance out her time with her kids and her business.

“I’m not the smartest person, I am not the best dance teacher, I am not the most organized. BUT, I am super consistent!” At minute 26:14, we talk about Melissa’s life mantra and about how being consistent creates such a big impact on her life and her business.

As we wrap things up, Melissa introduced her BoogieFit Dance Curriculum. It is a dance fitness program specifically for designed for dance studio owners to bring former dancers, and people who always wanted to dance, back into the studio!

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If you want to see more of Melissa’s studio The Dancing House, you can visit her website here

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