Podcast Ep 10...Erin Pride: How Letting Go and Acceptance Helped Her Build a Dance Education Brand

Welcome to the Dance Studio Amplified podcast! In this episode I’m going to interview a very talented dance education mentor and good friend of mine, Erin Pride.

Erin is a dance education strategist and also a podcaster. In 2018, she launched her brand Dance Boss, a dance education platform where through podcasting, public speaking, programs, and virtual workshops she helps dance educators and studio owners systemize their classrooms.

I’m so excited to share with you all the things we’ve talked about during our interview and I’m sure a lot of you would resonate with our today's episode!

“Acceptance has been my biggest lesson…” at minute 10:37, Erin shared with me her biggest learning lesson throughout her career and how it changed her perspective on everything, even helping her figure out her main purpose in life and her career.

“Letting go and just bringing close to you what you really are passionate about…” At 17:45, Erin talked about how she balances her life and how she admits that having a work life balance has been difficult for her, how it changes everyday, and how she manages it. She shared about keeping her focus to her passion and intention helped her manage her time really well especially in managing her business while doing a full time job. 

“I’m a life learner and I believe that’s how we’re the best educators…” At minute 28:16, Erin talked about how she’s running her business and how she’s helping the community that she’s building with other dance educators or studio owners. 

As we wrap things up, she also talked Dance Boss University which is a membership site for dance educators and dance studio owners to receive cost effective professional development. Definitely check that out!

If you want to know more about Erin, you can listen to her podcast where she shares so many valuable tips to help dance studio educators and dance studio owners.

You can visit her website and learn all about her programs at www.erindpride.com, and follow her on Instagram @erinpride.

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