Prioritizing Yourself While Raising Kids and a Business with Martine Williams

Welcome to Dance Studio Amplified Podcast! I’m super excited to jump right on today’s episode because Martine Williams is going to be joining us as she shares with us her life lessons and experiences that helped her become a successful entrepreneur.

Martine Williams is a top leader with Thirty-One Gifts, where she leads, trains and supports other female entrepreneurs build a business and life with a healthy mindset and by prioritizing what matters most!

“I like to think of the word “harmony”, I really strive for harmony in my life and in my business…” at minute 3:22, I asked Martine how she handled balance in her life - being a mom, an entrepreneur and an author. And she talked about how she focuses on harmony in her life and how it plays a big role in her life being a mom and an entrepreneur it helped her a lot to be able to have that “protected time” for her family while having enough time to manage her business well.

“It boils down to taking 100 percent responsibility for where I am, where I'm going and investing any help I need to get there…” at 13:06, Martine and I talked a little bit about her biggest learning lessons throughout her entrepreneurial life and she told me how taking full responsibility on whatever decisions and actions she made taught her to become a better version of herself as a person and as an entrepreneur.

“She told me something I didn’t want to hear, but I needed to hear…” at minute 21:43, Martine shared the best advice that she heard from one of her mentors that changed her life. She talked about how she found something that she loved doing that filled herself up that helped her start her own business.

“Being stuck is a mindset, not a position…” at 32:23, We talked about Martine’s life mantra and how it helps her keep up with her goals both in life and her business. She said that you always have to take the scariest step and not be afraid to fail, whether it be in your life or in business. You have to learn from the lessons it brings for you to be able to move forward and achieve your goals.

If you want to see more of Martine, you can visit her free Burnout Quiz on her website here, and follow her on Instagram @martine31williams.

You can also check out her course, Choose You, at

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