Podcast Ep 13...Allison Hardy and Creating a Thriving 6-Figure Business on Her Own Terms

In this episode of the Dance Studio Amplified podcast, Allison Hardy will share with us how she helps mompreneurs create thriving 6-figure businesses on their terms through a hearty dose of automation, strategic email funnels to sell their products/services, and leveraging authentic and social media through Facebook Groups to become the go-to expert in their niche.

I’m so excited to share with you all the helpful tips that we talked about and I’m sure lots of you would find this episode really helpful in terms of growing your business or your studio. Stay tuned!

“It was a really scary time…” at minute 3:32, Allison shared with me how she started up with her coaching business journey when she got laid off when she was 6 months pregnant. She talked about all her struggles having a new born baby while making her business work, and how systems and automation helped her a lot  to keep her business going despite all the struggles she’s been through.

“Figure out what the algorithm is and how to actually make it work for you…” At 13:23, Allison shared her tips on how to boost your marketing through social media. She shares some insights on how you can maximize the social media algorithm to help you boost your content and become more successful in social media marketing without spending too much money on ads.

“I think that there’s no such thing as balance…” At minute 22:25, Allison talked about how she established her boundaries for both her business and her family and how she’s making sure that she has enough time for her family and getting the most important things done in her business.

As we wrap things up, we talked more about automation and Allison shared her biggest advice about automation and how it made her life a lot easier and of course how it helped her business become more successful.

We also talked about Allison’s new membership that she’s been working on, Lead Generation Lab. You can learn more about that here: http://www.allisonhardy.com/leadgenerationlab.

If you want to know more about Allison, you can visit her website at http://www.allisonhardy.com/ and you can also find her on Instagram @allison_hardy_

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