The 3 Things I Did to Hit a $100K Year in My Studio

I am so thrilled about our topic in our first ever episode here on the Dance Studio Amplified podcast, as we are going to talk about the three things I did to hit a $100K year in my studio and what I would do differently looking back to accelerate the process! This was a very popular live stream recently that sparked a ton of questions and conversation, so I decided it would be great to talk about right here for you listeners. 

“I stopped doing everything…” at minute 2:50 I talk about how I’ve seen real results after I stopped doing the things that kept me busy, but not productive.

“I stopped trying to be everything to everyone…” at minute 8:45 I talk about how I embraced the unique and special things about my studio and ended up attracting more students.

“Being a studio owner can be lonely....” At 12:46 I talk about embracing personal development and how it has taken me further, faster than doing it on my own. Personal development can make us more powerful, mentally strong, and more confident that we can do everything not only for our business but for our students, as well.

“Trust your gut...” At minute 18:55, I shared my past experiences with seeking approval in my business and how I learned how to be more confident and trust my own intuition.

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