Podcast Ep 4...Top 5 Things to Focus on to Create Your Goal-Smashing Season

Welcome to Dance Studio Amplified podcast! For our today’s episode I’m talking about the 5 things you should be focusing on to create your goal-smashing season. I hope today’s episode can help especially studio owners and female entrepreneurs who have maybe got out of the business groove over the summer and are ready to get back on track.

“Systems don’t need to be complicated…” At minute 2:05 I talked about the importance of systems - having them, optimizing them, and even revamping them to see the biggest ROI in your business. Systems help you be more consistent, keep you from committing mistakes, save you time, and are very helpful in providing better service to your customers or potential customers as you are trying to grow your business. It can even help you improve your communication, moral, and positive energy among your staff.

“We were really not making enough money to make it worthwhile…” at 13:27 I’m sharing the importance of creating new revenue streams or potentially new programs or improving what you already have. I talked about how we should be looking for the income generating programs whether it be a new program or something that we already have that we should focus on how we it could help us earn more than spending more. I also talked about how you could optimize or taking advantage of the things that you already have and how it can help you save more money and energy without costing you as much.

“It should be prioritized, but many of us miss or many of us put on the back burner…” at minute 18:08 I talked about the most important thing that we always have to prioritize -- mindset. I talked about how having a positive mindset can help us not only in business, but especially in our life, to become the best in what we do and gain clarity in our next steps. I also shared some things that can help us improve our mindset and how it can change our perspective not only in running our business but also as a person. You are successful just by being you! Just believe implement the right mindset then you will be successful!

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